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Looking for a new single family home? Herbert Homes, Inc. has beautiful homes for sale in Thomson, GA and Washington, GA. With homes at a variety of price points, check our available inventory to find a home that meets your needs!

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Energy Efficient homes are homes that save you money over the long term. As always, if you’re interested in an Energy Efficient home or have any questions, we’re here to provide you with the information you need.

Military Home Buyers

Herbert Homes is dedicated to helping those who have served or are currently serving in our military. We thank you for your service and if we can be of service to you, give us a call.

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Herbert Homes, Inc. not only specializes in home building, but also commercial construction and leasing. View our commercial properties or contact us for more details!

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Herbert Homes, Inc. is a premier custom home builder in Augusta, GA on a mission to make owning quality, custom-built homes affordable for our clients. We stand behind our work as one of the first home builders in the Augusta, GA area to offer a standard, one-year warranty with walk-through inspections, new home orientations, and both 60- and 365- day adjustment lists. We are the Augusta Home Builders Association’s senior member of the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Program. As your home builder in Augusta, Thomson, and Washington, Herbert Homes wants to help you become a homeowner. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Herbert personally at 706-533-2600.

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First let me start by saying that I have owned many homes in the area by other well-known builders, but hands down the best quality home that I have lived in has been my Herbert Home. I love telling people who built our home. When you step into a Herbert Home, you know you found the right builder. The quality of the home can be seen inside and out. Even after you have bought your home, the Herbert Homes team will not leave you in the dark, they continue to work with you to resolve any issue you may have from closing to the one year check and even after. If there is an issue, it is resolved in a timely manner unlike other builders who forget about you after the closing. If you are looking for a quality home in the CSRA, look no further then Herbert Homes! I trust Herbert Homes so much that my next house will be from them.

Daniel and Nicole


We were able to choose every aspect of our house from paint to carpet, to ensure our satisfaction. Herbert Homes was extremely attentive and always responsive to inquires we had about our house. They continuously sent us pictures of our home so we knew every stage of the building process. When we arrived in Grovetown, we could not believe the house we were standing in front of was ours! It was more beautiful than we could imagine.

Happy Home Owner


My husband and I are first time homebuyers and had an unbelievably wonderful experience with Herbert Homes. We are military and were buying a home across the country. It was becoming very stressful, so we were going to take a break from house shopping for a while. We decided to make one last phone call inquiring about a house we were interested in. Luckily we made that call to Herbert Homes, who immediately felt our frustration and sympathized with us. Within minutes Mark Herbert called us and the process became amazingly simple from that point. Within minutes of being on the phone with Mark, we worked out a deal and signed a contract for one of his houses that same day!

Happy Home Owner


When Mark Herbert built our first home 22 years ago, we were so pleased with the quality of workmanship that it was an easy and confident choice to ask Mark to build us another home. Our new home is exactly what we envisioned. Mark and Bryan Herbert’s vast knowledge guided us in every detail. We are delighted to offer this testimony to the high standards of excellence that Herbert Homes embodies.

Mike and Arnette

We moved to Appling about three years ago. I’m retired from the US Army with 20 years and 5 years in Iraq as a contractor. My wife is still in Iraq as a contractor. We came to Appling on vacation looking for a new place to call home. Our realtor showed us many places in both Columbia and Richmond County. The one place that stole our heart was Arlington Way, here in Appling. We fell in love the moment we saw it and knew it was the place we would call home. We bought the first house in the subdivision. As neighbors begin to move in, it’s still quiet and beautiful. There’s nothing like spending a busy day in Augusta and then coming home to Arlington Way. We bring our day to an end sitting on the porch swing relaxing to the sweet sound of nature. We shopped around in other states; however, this is where we got our money’s worth. In closing, we would like to thank our realtor, Boostie McMillan and Mark Herbert, builder. They are two wonderful people that made our transition very smooth and still standing by us today for whatever we need no matter how small or big the situation. Mark is a man of his word and stands behind his work, our friend and extended family.

Chris and Joanna


Yesterday was closing day on my new home, built by the fine folks at Herbert Homes. When I started thinking about having a home built, several friends warned me of the frustrations and pitfalls they had experienced, and vowed they would never do it again. I researched several builders in the area and made site visits to look at construction qualify before sitting down with Mark Herbert to discuss house plans. From the beginning, Mark made me comfortable and confident that Herbert Homes should be my builder. It has been a positive journey all the way, with none of the issues my friends warned me about. From start to finish, my experiences with Mark, Bryan and all of the people associated with Herbert Homes have been tremendous! I highly recommend a home built by Herbert Homes!

Jo W


Fantastic support – and we were in Germany during the construction. Herbert Homes supported our numerous changes, most of which happened on the fly. Was in constant contact with us throughout the building process even though we were stationed in Germany. Recommended thoughtful and positive comments during the construction. Financing was a snap/breeze. Provided the small details that made the building experience worth while. Top notch service and quality; would recommend Herbert Homes to anyone.
Sam and Susanne

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Mark and JoAnn Herbert, long-time residents of Columbia County for fifty-five (55) years, are creating a unique charitable legacy within their own community, of which they consider their “family”. When Mark isn’t busy building quality affordable homes, he and JoAnn tirelessly work together building, developing, and reshaping the lives of many through their extraordinary philanthropic efforts across the entire Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).